Scandy Sphere

The Scandy Sphere is the only way to hold a 360° panorama in your hand. Upload or capture a traditional or 360° panorama and order a 3D printed Scandy Sphere.

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Scandy Object

Upload a 3D scan or use Scandy for iPad and a Structure Sensor to 3D scan your world and order full-color 3D printed Scandy Objects.

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  • About 3D Printing

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  • What is Scandy

Scandy is a world leading 3D scan to 3D print service. We take panoramas and 3D models you upload and 3D print them in full color. With no decals or seams, our process involves hand-finishing everything that comes through our printers to create memories to last a lifetime.

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  • Who Is Scandy

Scandy was started in 2014 by Charles Carriere and Cole Wiley with help from Revelry Labs. We are based in the gorgeous city of New Orleans, Louisiana. In the last few years, we’ve done some amazing things. We’ve developed a 3D scan to 3D print platform used worldwide, along with the world’s first real-time 3D scanning platform on Android with Scandy Pro.

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  • Download

We’re PUMPED that you’re ready to get started in the world of making your own Scandy content to 3D print. In order to begin your journey, download our app to your smartphone or tablet.

If you’re running Android, click below to download our app. Note: In order for our app to run, make sure your phone is running on Android Lollipop or better.

If you’re more of an Apple kind of person, click below to download our app on iPhone and iPad. Note: You’ll need to have an iPhone 5s or better to use Scandy.

From scan to print in five minutes. Capture life’s moments in 360° using your mobile device with Scandy.